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Customization can be done according to customer requirements (voltage, capacity, size). During the design process of the entire solution

With the premise of ensuring the sex of the battery pack and the whole system, we meet the corresponding design regulations and certification regulations.


Battery capacity: 2600mAh/2200Ah

Output voltage: 7.4V

Charging mode: CC/CV

. Large charging current: 2A

. Large output current: 3.

Cycle times: 500 times

Fever suit battery protection board parameters

1. Protection board with overcharge and overdischarge function . The large working current should be over 3A.

3. In the conventional state, press the button, the indicator light shows the battery power
(25% 50% 75%) For example: the battery power is 75% The position of the light is bright 75% below the position

4. Long press the button for one second, the battery enters the discharge state (while the lamp indicates the position of the lamp in the same power) when discharging, the power shows the position of the current power lamp. Other lights may not be lit.
When the battery is lower than 10%, 25% of the light flashes, indicating that the power is running out.
When charging, the display light is on, for example, when charging to 50% 25% of the light should always be on. 50% of the light flashes
6. During battery discharge, no load detection
7. battery button life to 5000 times the life of the charging interface to 2000 times

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